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acehub helps fast-moving companies train and educate their employees more effectively by combining immersive content formats with smart distribution.

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Distribute information 4x more effective.

The easy creation of highly engaging content and smart distribution leads to higher reach of information and a sustainable knowledge level in every company.

Easy Creation.

Use text, image, video, audio or interactive elements to make your story engaging and fun – both for you and your colleagues.

Seamless Distribution.

Share stories via acehub or your existing channels like Slack and Teams to reach your colleagues where they actually are.

Powerful Tracking.

Utilize the insightful tracking to measure the effectiveness of your content, interactive elements and constantly optimize the creation.

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“Anchoring important process know-how is key for an efficient operations. With acehub we can create engaging training and learning content in mintues. We can share them within our existing employee app, and they are appreciated by our employees.”

Bruno Ginnuth

Bruno Ginnuth, Co-Founder & CEO of CleverShuttle

Creative production by our creators.

No time to create? No worries, we can provide you with innovative concepts and viral content tailored to your needs and designed by our professional content creators.




Plug & Play from our content library.

You can right away share educational content on topics like diversity, OKRs or safety trainings with the acehub content library.

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Don’t waste time and start telling great stories today.