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Over 98% of workforce satisfaction score


83% watch-through rate across all stories

TEAMBRENNER’s challenge

TEAMBRENNER is one of the top companies that provides trained and experienced personnel for various sectors, including hotel, gastronomy, events, office, and retail. They have been in the business for over 20 years and are known for their holistic solutions, specialist staff, and solution-oriented approach.

One of the primary challenges faced by TEAMBRENNER is finding and retaining quality personnel. Like any personnel management company, they need to have a pool of skilled and experienced staff to meet the demands of their clients.

Especially with regard to the retention of employees, TEAMBRENNER was looking for a new solution to proactively approach their workforce.

To meet today’s content consumption behavior, it was crucial for them to find a solution that:

  • is optimised for mobile use
  • focuses on audiovisual media
  • contains interactions to encourage viewers
Pictures with Teambrenner employees

Everyone is so busy there’s very little time for reading internal content. acehub allows me to slip in news & job offerings that almost feels like entertainment.

Bruno Ginnuth

Gerit Hönicke, Manager Changemanagement & Organisationsentwicklung

The solution

As a first step, TEAMBRENNER has adopted acehub to enhance their internal communication. They promote and distribute the new content format, such as Jobs, Good-2-Knows, Heroes & Stories, to all employees through their existing intranet.

Thanks to acehub’s easy and seamless integration, there is no need for an additional communication channel. Another benefit is the simplicity of creating audiovisual content that helps to spread important announcements and updates in no time.

Finally, the very positive feedback from their employees convinced them to further expand the use cases. They will now start using acehub for onboarding new colleagues and job briefings.

Screenshot from Teambrenner webportal with acehub stories

The results

“Through acehub, we were able to track our engagement activities and increase our employee happiness.”

Thanks to acehub, content consumption can now be tracked in detail for the first time. Despite the lack of comparative figures, the results are very satisfactory.

In general, their frontline team was impressed with the first activities with acehub. Over 98% of their employees supported the new way of conveying internal information. More than 70% stated that they look at the new news regularly (daily or at least once a week).

With a watch-through rate of over 83% across all stories, the performance of their new stories is particularly satisfactory.

Are you facing challenges with engaging your workforce? acehub can help you create attention-grabbing content in minutes, improving your employer experience and ultimately retention.

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