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Features you’ll love.

Empower your workforce to create snappy content and integrate acehub stories into your mobile applications and websites.

Create easily

    Powerful and easy-to-use content editor to make your onboarding or how-to guides engaging and fun – both for you and your colleagues.

    Various formats like text, image, videos, gifs or interactive elements for a varied and appealing viewer experience.

    Collections to organize and share stories in a particular order.

    Screenshot of acehub creator toolkit with editing options
    Screenshot of sharing functionalities of acehub

    Distribute everywhere

      Seamless sharing options with the acehub workspace, the acehub Microsoft Teams app or your existing channels like slack.

      Easy setup and integration of acehub into your existing employee apps.

      Several distribution options for making stories publicly available or sharing them within your organization.

      Analyze everything

        Insightful performance tracking to measure the effectiveness of your content.

        Reporting for interactive elements like quiz, poll or questions.

        Capability to track and analyze viewing metrics for individual story cards.

        Visuals of acehub analytics data like card views or completion time

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