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Over 90% of workforce satisfaction score


81% watch-through rate across all stories


Operations support effort reduced by 20%

CleverShuttle’s challenge

CleverShuttle is Germany’s leading on-demand ride-sharing service. With over 650 employees, they are operating for more than 18 public transportation partners across Germany.

However, rapid business growth and changes in attention spans regarding content consumption require to rethink communication and training. This is necessary to maintain high satisfaction and performance levels, while reducing operational support efforts.

CleverShuttle was looking for a solution to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and information they need to feel valued and to perform at their best from the go.

It was crucial that content creation was easy and fast. Both learning content and regular communications, such as newsletters and instructions should be covered.

“Anchoring important process know-how is key for an efficient operations. We have utilized acehub to deliver a suite of content stories on How-to-Guides, Product Updates, Company News and Pulse Surveys.

Bruno Ginnuth

Luise Weiser, Sr. Operations Manager Performance & Support

acehub’s solution

After new employees complete their personal onboarding, they are provided with concise and attention-grabbing information they need to know about core processes to successfully transport passengers and deliver a great customer experience.

The content editor, with its selection of creative and interactive elements, has proven to be invaluable during the content creation phase. Additionally, drivers appreciated the option to consume acehub stories seamless within the existing driver app.

They are currently working on developing content for safety tips and will utilize acehub for knowledge reinforcement and health practices.

acehub editor with CleverShuttle content

The results

“Through acehub, we were able to increase driver productivity and reduce operations team effort at the same time.”

Their operational team and drivers were impressed with the first activities with acehub. Over 90% of their drivers supported the new way of conveying important information and expressed a desire for more knowledge to be provided in the form of acehub stories.

The watch-through rate across all stories consistently exceeds 81%, which is more than double the rate for pure text-based messages. Use of acehub has enabled CleverShuttle operational support team to reduce their time spent on recuring questions from drivers by more than 8 hours per week and person.

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